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In this gallery there are pieces i have done for exhibitions, mostly collective of artists, that were taken in Italy during 2010/2011.
Il Quinto stato (The Fifth estate)Lavoratrici d'Italia (Workers of Italy)Lavoratore d'Italia (Worker of Italy)Lavoratrice sindacato CGIL (Worker of CGIL labor union)Lavoratore sindacato CGIL (Worker of CGIL labor union)Perseo and Andromeda (rework)Country concert (rework)Landscape #18Landscape #4Bird #9Landscape #1Landscape #14The DoorFading project #3 (Starálfur)Water is life (Rabbit In Your Headlights ver.)Water is lifeLa Sposina (Citra Mudgal's book)La sposina (black and white version)Here Without YouWater is life (alternate take)